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PROJECT is the first and only opportunity connector for Alaska Natives. eLisnga can be used by Alaska Natives searching for tailored opportunities, recruiters from different companies and also by Alaska Native Regional Corporations, all for free. Sign up today and start searching.


At Yuit, our overall mission is to create long-term partnerships, to understand our partner's business, to define and refine our partner's needs and then build solutions that are not only of the highest caliber, but solutions that we know will be used for many years by our partners.

In order to create solutions of the highest caliber for our partners, we have adopted an iterative approach in solution building. By taking the iterative approach, we not only deliver small successes, but we also fully learn our partners' needs and build upon them. This results in solutions that fit our partners' needs.

We aren't just a simple software solutions company, but we are a full systems strategy company. We are here to help connect the dots in our partners' environment to ensure a healthy backbone.

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