Yuit brings technology, creativity and strategy together in a new, exciting and effective way. We’ll help make the connections needed to achieve your mission. 

Custom Application Development

There are many instances when no matter what off-the-shelf application you try and implement into your environment, it never seems to fully address your company’s needs. Yuit’s Nerd IT Up team has a combined 40 years of custom application development experience from simple content management system websites to million dollar complex web solutions. The team approaches each project holistically; not just understanding the industry, but educating themselves to understand the business, their daily tasks to processes so that each solution can be tailored around the business for proper use. Each team member practices and applies industry application design patterns and standards to ensure that all issues and needs are addressed properly. Yuit has developed a series of custom libraries and tools that speed up the development process to allow for rapid delivery of quality tools that follow standards and can be easily adopted and reused by the business.

Contact us today and understand why we are the ideal team to partner with for we are not an every day vendor, we are a partner to you and your business and we want to be an extension to your business.

Mobile Application Development

When we talk about Mobile Application Development, we’re not talking about taking an existing application and taking away most of it’s features and then deploying it as a mobile app. No, that’s not us. When we talk about Mobile Application Development, we are talking about apps that engage customers, empower employees, and integrate with your enterprise to deliver real business impact.

How do we build these kinds of apps?

By combining expert user experience design with precision middleware and software engineering experience, we build and manage state of the art applications for the most demanding environments around the world. Our team has been in the forefront of mobile application development, even before most companies even thought about how to conceptualize how to build mobile applications. We have stringent processes and include best practices in all we do and we know how to securely extend the enterprise experience into the palm of you and your user’s hands.


What we deliver:

  • Consumer-grade User Experience

  • Enterprise-grade Functionality

  • Agile Application Development

  • Enterprise Application Store and Middleware Management

If you’re looking for true mobile application development, we’re your partner.

Enterprise Collaborative Solutions

Content is king! In today’s society of instant access to information from a variety of sources, content truly is king. A company cannot afford to survive with stagnant content or to have web applications that do not have easy collaboration amongst the team. Yuit’s Collaborative Solutions Team has been building custom applications within SharePoint over a decade and have experience with small to enterprise level implementations and customizations. 

Fact: according to Microsoft, “two out of three enterprise workers have SharePoint.” Our team can provide the resources that you need to facilitate the rollout of SharePoint to custom application development. 

Yuit has built extensive expertise in the development of Microsoft SharePoint based solutions, SharePoint branding and customization, data access and migration. 

Yuit provides a range of services on SharePoint, drawing on the rich expertise born of 7+ years of our SharePoint development experience. 

SharePoint Branding

We will help you design and implement SharePoint sites that reflect your organization’s business. Design and branding is a key element in any SharePoint implementation, and Yuit has extensive experience in applying visual designs to SharePoint as well as using varied techniques for branding, including the creation of Custom Site Definitions, Custom Themes and Custom Site Templates and SharePoint Designer. 

SharePoint Intranet/Extranet Portals

Intranet and Extranet portals are essential to any organization. Our team can assist you to provide full insight and accurate data to the right people in your company at the right time and make it easy to not only use, but more importantly use the right modules within SharePoint for your organization. 

SharePoint Custom Web Parts

Our team has the experience your organization needs to build and implement custom web part solutions using built-in SharePoint APIs or our own custom APIs. We’ve worked on building web part solutions in WSS3.0, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments. 

SharePoint Workflow

Understanding your business is what we enjoy doing. One essential reason to understanding your business would be to understand your daily workflows in your day to day and from there, we can build and implement custom web enabled workflows to increase your efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes and compliance. 

SharePoint Data Access and Data/Content Migration

Our team has years of experience in accessing a variety of data ranging from within SharePoint’s data/content base to external database systems using both internal and external data models and web services. We’ve also successfully provided data extraction and migration of existing critical business data from existing systems into new implementations ranging from WSS2.0 all the way to SharePoint 2013 and to the Cloud Services. 

Enterprise Solutions

Not only are our experts experienced in the implementation of SharePoint, but we also have provided integration services between SharePoint and other applications including legacy applications and other ECM applications like Documentum. 

Experience and skills
  • SharePoint Services 2.0, SharePoint 2003

  • SharePoint Services 3.0, Office SharePoint Server 2007

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010

  • SharePoint 2013

  • SharePoint Online/Cloud

  • Custom controls and web parts development

  • Data access components, server and client object model

  • Development of SharePoint solution packages

  • Migration from older versions to SharePoint Server 2010/SharePoint 2013

  • Implementation of custom Web-based workflow solutions

Strategic Management

Yuit’s core competencies are the ability to have tremendous depth in our staff. From senior software engineer to MBA’s who focus on financial performance and value based management, we are adamant about strategic management being the guiding force to drive client success. Yuit pursues stakeholder expectations in order to understand expectations and outcomes. Building a strategy from either brand development and deployment to custom global software applications and training, Yuit seeks client success.

Yuit has marketing and sales gurus to software architects to experienced creative & brand Strategist to guide your strategic plan. We rely heavily on building a plan, setting direction, and delivering on client’s needs and outcomes.

  • Strategic Planning Processes

  • Collaborate Communication & Planning

  • Marketing Management

  • Financial Performance Objectives

  • Deliverables and Objectives Management

  • Project Management

  • Stand-in Direct Marketing

  • Analytics


News: In Q2 of 2015, due to the major influx of communications work, Grant Johnston and Mariajose Echeverria decided to leave Yuit to start a new company Yuit Communications that is only focused on communications. Even if the name suggests that Yuit Communications is part of Yuit, they are not. Yuit is Alaska Native owned and operated and Yuit Communications is not. We wanted to clarify that we are two separate companies and only Yuit is Alaska Native owned and operated.


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