Yuit is a Yupik term for People's or For the People and the name was chosen by our founder to ensure that 

everything we create at Yuit has been thoughtfully designed and architected for people.


Yuit was established in 1998 by entrepreneur Arlen Ayojiak, a Yupik Eskimo born and raised in the village of Togiak, Alaska. In the early days of the Internet boom, Arlen bravely waded into the Wild West of the young World Wide Web, where he quickly learned that there were some people using this new technology to take advantage of businesses willing to take the plunge into e-marketing. After watching some of his clients fall victim to online marketing schemes, Arlen gave himself a crash course in web development and learned how to build his own custom sites. That experience provided the foundation for his business philosophy: that a client relationship should be a partnership built on mutual trust, respect and shared goals.


In Yuit's early years, Arlen supported the fledgling business with part-time jobs, including his own business building custom computers for faculty and staff members at the University of Alaska Anchorage. As Arlen's reputation for tech savvy grew, Yuit soon became in demand for services such as business network implementation, data recovery, and database recovery and management. In 2001, Yuit began specializing in custom application development, web development and company branding, later expanding to add application and product development for the oil and gas industry.


Many years have passed, Yuit continues to stay true to Arlen's vision of honest partnerships and continuous innovation.


At Yuit, we strive to meet or exceed our partners' expectations. We believe that, in order to accomplish this goal, we must fully understand our partners' businesses, goals and needs. Only through complete understanding of our partners can we provide the level of service they deserve.


Yuit is proudly Alaska Native-owned and operated. 

  • Every action, interaction and application will be of the highest integrity

  • Partnership with our clients is key to developing successful solutions

  • Our strongest asset is our employees and their ability to meet and exceed our partners’ needs

Arlen Ayojiak
Founder / Managing Director
Cesar Rodgers
Project Manager
Andrey Krivoshapov
Director of Europe Operations
Justin Oprish
Lead Implementation Analyst
Kelly Merrick
Business Operations
Konstantin Nikiforov
Software Developer - Europe
Pavel Golubev
Software Developer - Europe
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News: In Q2 of 2015, due to the major influx of communications work, Grant Johnston and Mariajose Echeverria decided to leave Yuit to start a new company Yuit Communications that is only focused on communications. Even if the name suggests that Yuit Communications is part of Yuit, they are not. Yuit is Alaska Native owned and operated and Yuit Communications is not. We wanted to clarify that we are two separate companies and only Yuit is Alaska Native owned and operated.


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© 2016 by Yuit. Proudly Alaska Native Owned and Operated

Pavel Golubev

Software Developer - Europe